Culaga Oy 2018 Helsinki
Sveta Rajavaara Design
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Or call me: 358 405016578

My name is Sveta Rajavaara, and I am designer, painter and photographer. I started to create my own fashion collection under name Culaga Helsinki in 2000.

I have showcased at International fashion exhibitions in Helsinki on numerous occasions
and showed my collection at Helsinki Fashion Week between 2003-2005
Since 2014 for a personal reason I focused on my new business and took a break from my design work.

In 2017, I decided to make comeback into the fashion world with a new concept:
Only long-lived fashion trends
Maximum quantity 1 piece
Something original
Something simple
Something easy to wear and easy to care

I hope you'll love my creations, like  I do, and yeas, if you buy my creations  you will get a piece of petite couture.

P. S All products had made in Helsinki, Finland